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Yoga Testimonials

Shirley Lin

yoga student

“As a busy professional and parent, stress and tension in the body are inevitable parts of my life. Madeline integrates yoga and self-myofascial release (SMR) seamlessly into a class that addresses both my need to strengthen and move through Vinyasa flow, as well as to relax and reconnect using SMR, yin, and restorative techniques. She has a remarkable ability to conduct online sessions just as effectively as in-person ones, tailoring each one to specific requests each time. I consider our classes an indispensable part of my week!”

Chloë Sinder

Oberlin College

voice & yoga student

“I’m a singer, and I’ve been working with Dr. Miskie for 3 years now. Recently, I’ve encountered issues with my breathing. To improve this, I began take yoga lessons with Dr. Miskie alongside my usual voice lessons. Not only has my breathing improved dramatically in the short time we’ve worked together, but I’ve also felt much more aware and comfortable in my body, resulting in me feeling stronger and more confident in my singing.

Not only has this improved my music, but it’s also helped me identify some other physical areas (specifically lower back tightness & discomfort) to work on outside of class with a medical professional. I would highly recommend taking yoga with Dr. Miskie. She’s been very helpful in leading me through exercises and always took care to make sure I was never pushing myself too far. Working with her has dramatically improved the quality of my music and my general quality of life.”

Jan M

yoga student

“Exercises that I had done in the past were now too difficult for me at age eighty-seven. I could no longer deal with fast walking, quick movements, or getting up and down from the floor. While talking to Madeline about my sedentary situation, she asked if I would like to try yoga while seated. I agreed to try and she sent me a half-hour video consisting of several simple movements.

Now that chair yoga is part of my daily routine, I find that the exercises give me a feeling of accomplishment. I feel more energized and seem to have better flexibility and more arm strength. Chair yoga is helping me to avoid a completely sedentary life. I hope to add more movements in the near future.”

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” ~ Closing Mantra

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