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Workshop Testimonials

Madeleine Gray

mezzo soprano
Voice Chair, Peabody Preparatory
Baltimore MD

Madeleine Gray

“Maddie is a marvel! Combining her singing, yoga, and bodywork skills and experience, she tailor-made a workshop for our advanced teen singers at Peabody Preparatory – I had asked her to focus on some de-stressing techniques that could help them navigate the overwhelming college/conservatory audition season many are facing, and she gave a brilliant one hour workshop which gave them so many wonderful tools. She is clear, focused, kind and welcome, made the singers comfortable to try unfamiliar things in a positive and empowering way, and zeroed in on exactly what they needed. Several of them have told me how helpful it was, and that they have already put the techniques they learned into practice. We will definitely be having her back in the future, and I can’t wait until the next time (I learned plenty of new things myself)!”

Isabella Cadirola

UMD Vocal Performance and Music Education ‘23

Isabella Cadirola

“I took Movement for Singers with Dr. Miskie during the Fall 2021 semester. It was a fantastic class that my classmates and I looked forward to every week. Dr. Miskie created a welcoming environment that guided students to great improvement through learning about the relationship between body and voice. She was very receptive to student needs and goals and framed the class by different areas and focuses every week. I’ve been singing for years and have always experienced tension in my tongue and jaw that interfered with my singing. We spent one entire class focused solely on tongue and jaw exercises. What I loved about her class structure was that we would sing after the movement portion (at the end of each class) so we could feel the effect of the movement on our voice! I experienced a tremendous improvement in my singing from her class and still use some of her tongue and jaw exercises to this day. Not only did my voice and body mobility improve, but my mind did as well. The yoga exercises we did were extremely beneficial to me. As a music major who has more than 20 credits a semester, it’s easy to become stressed but I always felt exceedingly calm and centered after leaving her class.

I felt particularly comforted by her when I began to have voice issues. Not every professor is as understanding as she was. She also had experienced nodules in the past and gave me lots of resources and advice. It was reassuring to see someone who had overcome the same issue I was dealing with.

Dr. Miskie is extremely approachable and considerate. She cares deeply about the well-being of her students and always made an effort to ask how we were really doing each week. She was especially patient with students who hadn’t seen each other for months due to online school and were very chatty! Her patience did not go unnoticed. I will miss seeing Dr. Miskie at UMD very much and I know my peers will as well.”

Dr. Daniel Pereira-Gonzalez

Profesor del Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Vigo

Concert-pianist, educator and former director of music, Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church, Laurel MD

“Dr. Miskie is a deeply committed professional who worked with the choir with knowledge, care, and passion. She immediately identified the technical and musical issues that needed to be solved and knew exactly how to approach them with positive results. Most importantly, Dr. Miskie constantly adapted her teaching to the possibilities of each individual and always maintained an atmosphere of focus, calmness, and flexibility during the workshops. She is undoubtedly a special pedagogue and human being. It was a true privilege to have had her working with us.”

Adam Detzner

Minister of Music and Organist, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Annandale, VA.
M.M. in Organ Performance and Literature (Eastman).

“Madeline worked with me as a Vocal Coach for our Royal School of Church Music Chorister Program while I was Director of Music at Christ Church in Columbia, MD. Her deep and thorough knowledge of vocal technique and human physiology, as well as her warm and fun personality, made a huge impression on our diverse group of young boy and girl singers. As Vocal Coach, she pulled our Choristers from group rehearsals, working with them in chaperoned “mini-lessons” one-on-one and in small groups to attend to their individual needs. Despite the brevity of these sessions and the wide variety of issues presented by our large group of young singers, the Choristers made marked improvements in vocal technique and bodily awareness. She also led virtual rehearsals as the pandemic made in-person rehearsals impossible. “Dr. Miskie,” as the Choristers called her, was an absolute delight to work with, and I learned as much from her as the Choristers did!”

Dr. Karl Robson

Director of Music
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norwood Parish
Chevy Chase, MD

D.M.A. Organ Performance & Literature (Eastman)

“During the 2020-2021 “season of lockdown,” I needed to find a way for my singers to remain engaged with our music program in an innovative and safe (distanced) manner. Alongside “virtual choir” creations, I wanted to develop innovative programming in vocal technique, music theory, and sight singing, something that would feel more natural for singers than an attempt to rehearse with the limitations of Zoom. I hired Madeline to lead vocal technique classes on Monday evenings via Zoom, and could not have been happier with the results. She condensed her encyclopedic knowledge of physiology into accessible, themed sessions, with informative lectures alongside exercises approaching vocal production from a whole-body perspective. Madeline was a gracious teacher, and flexible enough to gear classes to students’ particular needs and questions. I believe that those who participated returned to in-person singing last fall with a stronger handle on their own instruments and a healthier approach to vocal production.”

Frank Zieginson

Musical Director
Lynn Valley Voices
Vancouver, BC.

“Dr Madeline Miskie led a workshop entitled ‘The Confident, Authentic Voice’ for my community choir, Lynn Valley Voices in 2019. The singers were overwhelmed by how much they learnt in such a short period of time and how useful and insightful the information was. Madeline has a great way of explaining complex, often specialized knowledge, in a very easy and approachable way for the non-learned participant. All while never making them feel like they don’t know anything. I would happily have her back to lead more workshops with any of my groups in the future.”

Dr. Joy-Leilani Garbutt

Director of Music, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco

Joy Leilani Garbutt

“Dr. Madeline Miskie’s presence with choirs is nothing short of transformative. Over several years, she led workshops for the choirs of St. John’s Lutheran Church (Aspen Hill, MD) and Christ Lutheran Church (Washington, DC), and each time, whether for a single course or an in-depth series, the choir learned and grew under her guidance. She possesses a depth of technical knowledge, and is able to communicate it in a way that improves sound quality and raises confidence.

The singers learned more about how their voices actually work, how breathing differently can energize the sound (or not), and how important the whole body is in producing sound. Her brilliant ability to work with voices at every level of expertise, from children to professional singers, makes her ideally suited to lead choral workshops.”

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” ~ Closing Mantra

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