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Welcome! I hope you enjoy browsing through the workshop offerings below. If you don’t see a class listing below that resonates with your goals, let me know – I’d be happy to create a class tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

PVI YFS Workshop
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Single Workshop Options:

The following topics can be presented in a 1-3 hour workshop format online or in person.

The Koshas –
A Holistic Approach to the Voice – for singers, voice teachers & yoga teachers

Yogic philosophy offers us the kosha system (five layers of awareness) as a valuable lens through which we can observe ourselves and others. The layers include: physical awareness & sensation, breath, energy level, thoughts / ideas / beliefs, and emotions. All of these layers factor into our experience as singers and artists. During the workshop we will expand our self-awareness of each of the layers as they apply to singing through breath and movement exercises, journaling and discussion.

Teaching Embodied Singers – for singers & voice teachers

This workshop will address common tension patterns in singers (excessive tightness in the abdomen, neck, shoulders, hips, etc.) and include stretches, tension release and vocalises that can be directly applied to individual or group vocal lessons & classes.

Troubleshooting Posture – for singers, voice teachers & choir directors

Strategies to address common postural tendencies in singers (e.g. forward head carriage, sway back, heaving shoulders, etc.). This workshop will include simple movement exercises (to be performed while singing) that can be easily applied to any voice lesson or choir rehearsal.

Yoga for Singers – Intro (2 hours) – for singers & voice teachers

Many of my students and colleagues have been commenting for the past decade, ‘oh wow, yoga must really help singers.’ The short answer is ‘yes it can.’ But for most singing yogis, it’s all about FINDING the right style or the right teacher and creating a personalized practice that best suits their needs.

The first hour of the workshop will include:

  • Discussion of specific ways that yoga can support and nurture singers.
  • Overview of various styles of yoga and how each of those styles can address individual needs.
  • Discussion: How postural cues for singing can be re-enforced and supplemented by a regular yoga practice.
  • Q&A


Grab your yoga mat for the second hour – I will lead you in a gentle vinyasa practice followed by 5-10 minutes of light vocalizing.

Building Breath Awareness for Optimal Efficiency – for singers & voice teachers

This workshop can be presented as a one, two, or three-part series.

Many singers struggle with breath; whether it’s under-breathing, over-breathing, running out of air, or breathing in ways that create excess tension; it’s a topic worth exploring! This workshop will leave you with a variety of tools for unlocking the power source of your vocal instrument: your breath!

  • Part One: Anatomy of Breathing
  • Part Two: Breath exercises for building awareness
  • Part Three: Breath exercises for singing

Positive & Powerful Presentation – for professional speakers

Create new, effective vocal habits for optimal delivery with minimal effort in the conference room and in the classroom. During this interactive workshop we will explore the relationship between body / breath awareness and the voice and become aware of how excess tension in various regions of the body can have a potentially negative impact on the speaking voice.

  • Light stretching and movement to target tension-prone areas.
  • Discussion of discuss basic principles of efficient breathing & phonation techniques.
  • Speaking exercises that highlight the importance of pacing and volume control in presentation.
  • Q&A.

Take the PUSH out of BELTING – for singers & voice teachers

Belting is here to stay! This style of vocal production is front and center in musical theater and contemporary vocal repertoire. This workshop will:

  • Highlight some common misconceptions and over-efforting tendencies that singers face.
  • Discuss how downregulating the nervous system and relaxing the body can create ideal conditions for this style of singing.
  • Include exercises & practice strategies for you to try on your own and integrate with your students. With practice, belting can be stress-free and FUN!

High notes —- HELP! – for singers & voice teachers

Why do so many singers struggle with high notes? Some students get stuck in their head and over-think, some over-effort in their body, others have a negative emotional response, and some are simply confused about what is ‘supposed to’ happen in the body and so they overcompensate… the list goes on.

In this workshop, I will identify common pitfalls to free, effortless high notes and offer simple strategies and exercises to help singers re-frame their approach to the upper register.

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” ~ Closing Mantra

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