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David Ruther

voice & yoga student

“I have been studying singing and yoga with Madeline since 2019. Her approach of incorporating a mind & body mindfulness has been invaluable in improving my overall body awareness, lowering body tension, and increasing flexibility all of which have allowed for ongoing incremental improvements in my vocal range and confidence and the ability to expand my yoga practice. Lessons are always focused on my individual needs and goals and the studio environment is always warm, nurturing and supportive. I would highly recommend Madeline to anyone looking for quality of life changes through mind and body awareness and singing. I really appreciate all that she’s done to support me on my journey to be a healthier and better singer.”

Lindsey J.

voice student

“Despite singing my entire life, I always struggled to make that connection between my voice and my body. Although countless teachers and fellow singers suggested a variety of techniques throughout my vocal education, nothing ever seemed to click. That all changed, however, when I was introduced to the practice of myofascial release + movement during my voice lessons with Dr. Miskie during my freshman year at Catholic University. My journey began very slowly and I’ll admit that at first, I was very skeptical. It wasn’t until I experienced a noticeable shift in my breath support that I began to realize that the positive changes I previously attributed to working out and ‘feeling loose’ were in fact the result of the myofascial release + yoga / body awareness. This was the thing that I had been searching for years! Without realizing it, I made subtle changes through repetition and practice using my RAD balls and yoga and my muscles released in way that benefited my body, mind, and singing voice. After that realization, I started adding the techniques into my daily life. In addition to singing, I now use myofascial release as a destressing tool to relax both physically and emotionally, to become more connected to my breath, and to feel more aligned in my body. I honestly tell so many people about the technique because I am so thrilled to have finally found something that works for me and makes me feel more grounded in both my singing voice and in my daily life.”

Kelsey Draves

Musical Theater Major, Catholic University of America

“Yoga and myofascial release are two techniques that have significantly impacted my voice in a very positive way. As a teenager nowadays, I tend to hold a lot of tension in my neck and back, which sometimes causes me discomfort throughout the day. I had tried other methods to ease the discomfort, but nothing really worked. However, Dr. Miskie changed my life by teaching me about myofascial release using the RAD Roller tools! Through these tension releases, she showed me how to loosen up my muscles so that I can have a much more comfortable (and correct!) posture. It has also impacted my singing greatly, increased my overall confidence, AND I look more relaxed, yet poised, onstage.

I also have learned how important the diaphragm is for healthy singing. In the beginning of my sophomore year, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out why I could not keep my breath engaged, and why I could not sustain a note for a prolonged amount of time. No matter how I tried to fix it, I always felt like there was something missing. Thankfully, Dr. Miskie was able to show me how to engage my diaphragm correctly. I do the releases using the tools every day, and my voice has gotten so much stronger now that I have gained so much more breath control. These techniques, combined with focusing on the body, is exactly the approach that I needed to be on my way from being a good singer to a great one.  It is astonishing to me the progress I have made in only a few short months, and cannot wait to see how these techniques will help me down the road!”

Chloë Jackson

Musical Theater Major, Catholic University of America

“Singing is not just about how you sound, it is about how you feel. As a dancer, I know when my body feels good and comfortable, and being able to do yoga and myofascial release in my voice lessons has been so amazing for me. I feel so much more relaxed and in tune with my body while singing. You can feel the amount of breath you are taking in and where you are tensing your body to hold that breath. You also find out where your body is tense and why using yoga to release that is helpful. I really enjoy using these new techniques to improve my singing.”

Rachel La Placa

voice student

“When I first began lessons with Madeline I had a lot of anxiety around singing, but I knew she was the teacher for me once I learned that she was also a yoga teacher.

After about a year of vocal lessons, during which I would break down half of the time, she began incorporating more movement into my warmups and lessons.

I believe she is a great teacher because she was unphased by my extreme anxiety and helped me to process a lot of negative beliefs about my voice through movement. One tool she used was the RAD Centre ball which helps release connective tissues around the diaphragm and other breathing muscles. As a bodyworker myself, I enjoy studying anatomy, and I LOVED this approach to taming the emotions.

Now when I sing I feel more grounded and connected to my solar plexus, more in control of my breath, and able to listen to my voice without wanting to burst into tears.”

Peter R.

voice student

“I have worked with many voice teachers over the years. In addition to being incredibly dedicated and passionate, Madeline has a unique approach that I have found extremely beneficial to both the quality of my singing and my vocal health.

I started taking private lessons with Madeline about three years ago, after more than a decade away from singing. I had sung throughout high school and college in a variety of ensembles and settings, including private voice coaching. In addition to being rusty after so many years away, I had developed a lot of vocal and physical “crutches” that came right back when I started singing again. Madeline helped me to identify these crutches and invariably isolated the source to something going on physically with my jaw, throat, back, shoulders, etc. She would then suggest different exercises to address that tension – for example, different stretches, yoga poses, or myofascial release using tools such as RAD roller balls.

Speaking as someone who does not particularly enjoy yoga or stretching, this stuff really does work. And it works because Madeline has studied how different muscle groups are connected, how tension in one part of your body will affect another part, and how interlocking tension will manifest itself in the sounds you produce when singing.

Madeline is of course also a superb voice teacher in the more “traditional” sense. She really works hard to get the best out of you, and tailors unique lesson plans to the interests and level of each student. It is hard not to believe in yourself a little bit more with Madeline in your corner – both because of her encouragement but, more importantly, because you really will see results if you follow her advice.”

Alexis G.

voice student

“Since beginning my voice lessons with Dr. Miskie, my body awareness has grown tremendously. Initially, my main struggle vocally was with breath support and the understanding of my body. Through work with RAD balls and other exercises, I began to get to know the workings of my body and have found ways to help eliminate tension around the abdomen that hindered my ability to have good breath support.”

Anna Sheehan

BFA Acting Major
Catholic University ‘25

“Nine months of study with Madeline completely transformed my voice. When I first walked into her studio, I had never taken voice lessons before and she guided me to be vocally capable of more than I ever imagined with her inexhaustible technique tools and creative approaches. Most especially, Dr. Miskie led me to enjoy singing more. She shared with me the wisdom that to sing better is merely to discover the voice I already have inside me.”


Silver Spring

“I came to Madeline after losing much of my upper singing range due to vocal nodules. She was recommended to me by a colleague, and right away I noticed that her methods were unique, well-articulated and focused on building confidence in addition to good vocal habits to help me heal. She has a wide breadth of experience, and as she dealt with a vocal injury herself, has both compassion and a point of reference that made me trust her and feel understood. It is very demoralizing to have a vocal issue but Madeline never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed of my condition. Rather she has an exuberant and encouraging nature.

Madeline uses yoga and breath inspired exercises to teach students how to be more grounded in positive techniques and notice/change stress or strain patterns. She is adept at describing what she is teaching and patient as you work through the learning process.

I still have a long way to go, but I can already hear and feel a difference and I really enjoy working with Madeline. I highly recommend her services!”

Kareem A. Mack

Vocal performance major, University of Connecticut

“Dr. Madeline Miskie emphasizes a balanced approach to singing. Her method of teaching focuses on releasing unnecessary tension while singing and keeping the breath energized. During my study with Dr. Miskie I quickly noticed improvement in my own posture and the overall vibration of my voice. I also noticed that my singing felt easier. I receive comments from teachers, adjudicators and coaches saying that I demonstrate a “free sound” and a “clear sound.” Overall, my experience studying with Dr. Madeline Miskie was nurturing to the mind body and soul.”

Keyshon Jones

Music education major, Hartt School of Music

“The introduction of Dr. Madeline Miskie into my life was one of the sole reasons why I began to take classical singing seriously. With her many techniques such as incorporating her training in yoga into weekly lessons, breathing exercises, and overall musicianship, she continuously helped me evolve as a singer. To this day, I still follow the same patterns and techniques I learned from Dr. Miskie in lessons and performances. I can wholeheartedly say that having vocal lessons with Dr. Miskie changed my life for the better.”

Joanna Nurmis

Alto, Stanford Early Music Singers

“Madeline is an exceptional voice teacher. She is also exceptionally fun to work with and be around. When I was learning vocal technique, I was incredibly tense, and afraid of hitting high notes. Madeline put me at ease, poked fun at my self-doubt in a constructive and encouraging way, and taught me ways to completely relax the muscles in my throat and body so that I could become a more confident singer. Her experience as a yoga teacher is also invaluable in her music lessons, since she has a deep awareness and knowledge of how to train breathing so that it will be a source of calmness, confidence and support for your voice. Madeline is able to communicate difficult concepts as if straight to your vocal chords, by cutting out the jargon and refusing to let the student overthink technique, instead allowing them to live the technique directly. Going to voice lessons with Madeline’s was an incredible joy; her warmth, welcoming spirit and professionalism will ensure you will keep asking for more.”

Dina Genkina

Graduate student, University of Maryland

“I began voice lessons with Madeline convinced that my biggest problems were improper use of breath and bad pitch. I thought that if I could just concentrate hard enough on doing those things right, I could sing well. I would have never realized what was obvious to Madeline from first glance – my biggest problem was, in fact, that I was thinking about those things all the time. Now, it takes all of Madeline’s astonishing energy, sustained throughout classes, to “get me out of my head” and help me focus my energy on one concept at a time. Through these lessons, Madeline is helping me improve my technique without losing sight of the most important point of any art – expressive communication.”

Megan Adrielle

Professional dancer / actor / singer, Washington, DC

“I am a dancer, actor and singer in the DC/Metro area. After my first lesson with Madeline, I knew she would change my life. Madeline’s sensitive and thorough approach to vocal training has not only resulted in an increase in my range and volume, but also a greater understanding of my instrument as a whole (my body). She uses a combination of anatomical and imagery-based approaches, and incorporates her study of yoga and movement. Always willing to experiment, she has helped me develop ease and release in my singing while at the same time, finding a deeper faith in my voice. For over a year, I have had weekly lessons with Madeline which have become integral to my practice as a performer. I am extremely grateful for her guidance; she is an excellent teacher.”

Charles Butler

Washington, DC

“My journey working with Dr. Madeline Miskie has been nothing short of amazing. When I first began working with her I had quite a few vocal issues. For starters I was struggling to find clarity in my voice and sustaining pure vowel sounds. I also had neck and shoulder tension as well as a terrible habit to push and strain. Since we began working on proper breath support, relaxing my body to release tension and maintaining an active core while singing a lot of my struggles in the beginning started to correct themselves. I quickly began to notice my range started to expand as I released tension and unnecessary habits of pushing. Working with Dr. Miskie honestly felt like vocal weight loss. My singing feels free and flexible. I also notice a very balanced sound as opposed to my overly dark and heavy sound I started out with. With the combination of breath work, body awareness and vocal technique I truly feel Dr. Miskie nurtured my voice and set me on an incredible journey to success. I am forever grateful for her dedication and attention to detail in regards to vocal and mental health.”

Michael Joel Hall

Founder & Director, DC Ashtanga

Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute Mysore, India (2015)

“As Madeline’s yoga instructor, I have had the great pleasure of watching her take a keen interest in traditional yoga studies. Her dedicated, focused practice has allowed for more dynamism in her reactions to challenging situations, creativity in her problem-solving, and a real development in personal grit.

Uniquely, as both her yoga teacher and voice student, I’ve been lucky enough to see how those characteristics of equanimity bleed over into her teachings. Having a speech impediment, I have been challenged by the work we have done together, due to years of self-limiting thought associated with my voice. Her kindness and patience have cultivated within me a feeling of safety and trust, and her depth of knowledge and aforementioned dynamism have changed my relationship with my voice.

Of particular interest to me is how much overlap there is between hatha yoga and singing. Not only do I find our lessons useful for my voice, I am able to find new and interesting depths in my meditations. Thanks to Madeline’s teachings, I now chant with greater confidence, and as such am able to un-apologetically share more aspects of yogic practice. I also actually enjoy singing now. I’m so grateful.”

Nancy Goldberg

Director, Belvoir Terrace; A Fine and Performing Arts Camp for Girls, Lenox MA

“Madeline Miskie spent four summers singing, teaching and counseling at Belvoir Terrace, a summer arts program in Lenox, Massachusetts. From her first season at Belvoir, Maddy was exceptional. She has a beautiful, well trained vocal instrument and also performs well. She is an excellent, teacher; sensitive to her students and as a skilled pianist was able to accompany them well in lessons. She is a mature, centered, extremely happy and pleasant adult who mentored students and served as an exceptional role model for them. Maddy was both an independent teacher and a team player in a large music faculty. She became a successful leader in the counseling area and contributed as an outstanding performer. Madeline Miskie was an asset to the faculty at Belvoir Terrace.”

Bonnie Foote

Yoga Instructor, Circle Yoga, Washington, DC

“Madeline is an incredibly talented teacher! She combines deep knowledge of her craft and a sensitivity to the needs of each individual student with a wonderful sense of fun. As a yoga teacher, I really appreciated her subtle understanding of the human body and breath. She made our voice lessons feel like an extension of my practice, which was the perfect way to make me feel comfortable. I would never have imagined myself making such big, confident sounds–she has a real gift!”

Kelsey Keza

Music Therapy major,
West Virginia University

“Madeline taught me so much. She helped me grow not only as a singer and performer, but as a person. She is also the reason why I am studying music in college in the first place, because without her help I would have not performed well during the audition process. She is an amazing teacher!”

Kayla Cummings

Voice Performance major, Hartt School of Music

“I often look back on my first lesson with Dr. Miskie four years ago. I definitely displayed characteristics of a typical amateur high school student just beginning their classical training; an un-established support system and shaky breaths. When it comes to the study of voice pedagogy and yoga, Ms. Miskie has the ability to coordinate the voice to be as graceful as it is powerful and expressive. I use the various methods I learned in her studio to this day; her techniques are so helpful!”

Anna Cohen

alumni, Belvoir Terrace

“Maddy is an excellent teacher who leads with creativity and a vast knowledge of the human voice. Her lessons are powerful and personal; she has the ability to easily identify a person’s strengths and asses their vocal potential.”

Valerie Sattazahn

Visual Development Artist, Los Angeles

“I started taking lessons from Madeline at the age of 15 and consider it to be one of the most impactful experiences in my life. She knew exactly what I needed each step of the way, and showed me what it meant to make singing an art form. The knowledge, attitudes, and techniques I was given continue to be a huge benefit to my voice today, and the time I got to spend learning from her will forever be an inspiration.”

Andre Havrylyshn

“Madeline Miskie was always a straightforward, knowledgeable, encouraging and insightful teacher during every one of our sessions. She is full of expertise, enthusiasm, patience, and dedication to her art which she always manages to communicate in a comprehensive and exciting fashion. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get the most out of their voice, both in terms of technical prowess as well as tapping into personal emotive spirit, to consider taking classes from Madeline Miskie: you will be sure to find your abilities grow and develop as well as, most importantly, experiencing the reward of triumph and enjoyment when it comes to expressing yourself through music, all led by a consummate professional in Ms. Miskie.”


Bethesda, MD

“Our daughter has been taking voice training with Dr. Miskie for several years and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. Dr. Miskie is a very passionate teacher who makes learning fun for her students. It is also evident that she herself has fun when she is teaching! Under her guidance, our daughter has been exposed to a broad range of music and had the opportunity to perform in recitals, becoming more self-assured over the years. She is well-engaged in the learning process with Dr. Miskie including discussing and selecting her music. We would highly recommend Dr. Miskie.”

Connie Schneider

Laurel, MD

“I came to see Madeline in February of 2017 for voice lessons. Madeline taught me to use the whole body when I sing. As we worked together, I became more comfortable in my singing. I was only with her for 8 months but in those eight months I moved up a level. I had some rough edges that she was able to smooth out.”

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” ~ Closing Mantra

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